Women in Leadership Program


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27 Oct - 01 Nov 2019

6 days

Carlton Campus

A$ 8500


Women in Leadership Program

This week-long intensive program is designed to develop women with purpose into leaders who have a profound impact in their organisations, communities and wider society. It provides established women leaders with the opportunity to invest in themselves, and transform the way that they lead, influence and innovate in organisations and challenging contexts.
Tailored to high-achieving women in both the public and private sectors, the program curriculum is highly integrated and provides an exceptional opportunity to learn from globally recognised faculty and experts in transformational leadership, power, influence, negotiations, strategy and innovation. Our School’s unique ability to bring together a cohort of talented and senior women will create an environment for participants to learn with each other and form a powerful and supportive network.

 Applications for the 2019 program are now open.

"This program is designed to address one of the most significant social and business challenges of our time. Despite decades of awareness about gender equality in leadership, women remain seriously under-represented at the top levels of business. In Australia, just 15 per cent of businesses are led by women and only about a quarter of ASX200 companies have a woman in a senior executive role. I am privileged to lead the Women in Leadership Program - a significant Melbourne Business School initiative – and invite you to join me."

Dr Jody Evans
Associate Professor Marketing



Who should attend?

  • Women leaders in the C-suite, or equivalent senior executive roles in the not-for-profit and public sectors.
  • They will have 10+ years of experience as leaders across a variety of industries. 
  • Each cohort will be carefully assembled to ensure diversity in industry, age and cultural background, ensuring a greater spread of experience and a stronger network.

Learning outcomes

The Women in Leadership Program will enable you to take your skills to the next level. You will emerge with a stronger ability to:
  • Lead with purpose using a compelling impact narrative and ability to humanise strategy.
  • Explore what it means to earn a social license to operate and challenges of selling this concept to sceptical boards.
  • Manage relationships up, down and sideways – understanding the roles of trust, influence, gender equity and resilience at a team and individual level.
  • Navigate the ‘double bind’ of getting your voice heard without alienating others and use influence strategies that offer the best ability to achieve your objectives.
  • Drive outcomes through the use of skilful negotiation tactics inside and outside your organisations
  • Manage your physical and mental well-being in the context of your career and encourage others to do the same

Long after the completion of the program you will enjoy the value of a powerful local network, who support and advocate for each other.

Program journey

This intensive program will equip participants with the skills, confidence and network to enable them to take the lead as change-makers in their organisations and communities.

The program explores the following key themes:

Authentic Leadership

  • Through dialogue develop an understanding of what leadership is (and isn’t) and your internal and external challenges to exercising leadership
  • Understand what authenticity means for you and how you can be authentic without alienating others or disadvantaging yourself

Managing Difficult Conversations

  • Understand the complexity of leading individuals effectively
  • Receive and practice a process for managing one-on-one conversations that challenge thinking whilst maintaining good relationships and resolving conflict
Humanising Strategy
  • Explore the roles of leadership, purpose, energy and values in humanising strategy
  • Examine what it means to earn a social license to operate and challenges of selling this concept to sceptical boards
Trust and Teaming
  • Examine what makes teams dysfunctional, what makes teams effective and the how to build teams through building trust
  • Review your contribution as a team member and provide the foundations for building effective teams
Impact Narratives
  • Understand the nature and complexity of communication
  • How to tell compelling, unique and impactful stories that engage and persuade others
Power and Influence
  • How to navigate professional alliances with female and male colleagues
  • Strategies that can make us appear more powerful and authoritative to others
  • Explore the particular dilemmas faced by women when they negotiate, and how these can be overcome
  • How to manage two obstacles that block constructive negotiations, others’ power plays and our own emotions
Mindful Leadership
  • Bringing presence and mindfulness to leadership
  • Understand how simple practices of mindfulness can enhance our effectiveness and enjoyment in leadership positions
  • Recognise and mitigate the effects of stress and respond to difficult events
  • How to face challenges with strength and grace
Equity in Leadership
  • Understand how we, individually and collectively, might broaden our sphere of influence for speedier gender equity change.
  • Explore the role men can play alongside women as advocates and change-agents for equity in leadership
You will also expand your knowledge, skills, and confidence as you learn how other successful women have approached key management and leadership challenges through our dinner speaker program.

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Marianne Broadbent
Managing Partner, NGS Global

Marianne BroadbentMarianne is Managing Partner, South East Asia at NGS Global, based in Australia. She has over 20 years’ experience in leadership, management and strategy areas, working with organisations to shape and develop their strategic executive and team capabilities. She has practical and pragmatic insights into what makes executives effective, every day, through her work at senior levels of business and government.


Mara Olekalns
Professor | Management (Negotiations)

Mara is internationally recognised for her research modelling the relationships between communication sequences and outcomes in negotiation. Mara’s work focuses on relational resilience and adversity in negotiation and covers topics such as gender, trust violations and ethics.


Jody Evans
Associate Professor of Marketing | Director Women in Leadership Program

Jody has an outstanding record of accomplishment in engaged research and uses marketing acumen and capabilities to address important challenges in industry, government, arts and social contexts. Jody has extensive advisory and management development experience and specialises on brand and impact narratives for individuals and organisations.


Jennifer Overbeck
Associate Professor | Management

Jennifer is widely recognised for her work on power and status in organisations. She has consulted with a number of corporate and government clients on topics related to negotiation, influence, power and process change including Microsoft and Activision/Blizzard as well as for bank executives, physicians, and medical entrepreneurs. Much of Jennifer’s research explores the effects of hierarchy on negotiations.


Geoff Martin
Associate Professor | Strategy
geoff martinAs a strategy consultant and charted accountant, Geoff is actively involved in advising and consulting to Boards and Senior Management of numerous private and public institutions, in Australia and internationally. Geoff is an accomplished facilitator on Executive Education programs, specialising in Strategy, Finance, and Corporate Governance. Geoff also works with MBS' Indigenous Leader's program (MURRA) and the Social Trader's Crunch program that provides consulting expertise to a wide range of social enterprises and has worked with the Asylum Seeker's Resource Centre.

Isabel Metz
Professor | Organisational Behaviour

isabel metz
Isabel’s research in the areas of organisational behaviour and human resource management has been published in the Journal of Business Ethics, Human Resource Management, International Journal of Human Resource Management and elsewhere. Isabel has also received awards for several of her publications over the years.
Isabel teaches 'Managing People' and 'Managing a Diverse Workforce' on our MBA programs and is a frequent media commentator in outlets such as the Guardian, ABC, Australian Financial Review and The Age.

Carol Gill
Associate Professor | Organisational Behaviour

Carol has specialised in the fields of executive learning and development as both an academic and practitioner for more than 25 years. A registered psychologist, Carol has worked in key roles within major Australian private and public-sector organisations and global enterprises including the Office of Corrections, Industrial Relations Victoria, Department of Aviation and was a director of BHP’s Global Leadership Program.


Amanda Sinclair
Professorial Fellow

Enjoying a reputation as an innovative teacher, Amanda is an author, researcher and consultant in leadership, change, gender and diversity. Her recent books include Leading Mindfully (2016) and with Christine Nixon, Women Leading (2017). Amanda works with organisations, leadership teams and individuals in corporate and community settings, exploring leadership and mindfulness. As a yoga and meditation teacher she seeks to help the whole person thrive in leadership.


Jill Klein
Professor of Marketing | Program Director, Resilient Leadership

Jill KlienJill has delivered executive education programs for more than 15 years, during which time she has worked with large global organisations including Ericsson, Toshiba and Adidas. Drawing on her family’s experiences during the Holocaust, Jill’s insights and teachings on resilience have inspired business leaders from around the world.


Dates and fees


27 Oct - 01 Nov 2019
6 days
Carlton Campus
A$ 8500

The carefully-designed schedule is intense, with classes, presentations, health and well-being activities and guest speakers scheduled from 7am – 8pm on all days. Places are limited and subject to prior approval before being accepted into the program. Please contact us with any queries related to this course.

Phone:  +61 3 9349 8788 |  Email: programs@mbs.edu

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