The Art of Influencing in the Workplace

Melbourne Business School was delighted to host our esteemed alumni at the Alumni Evenings with Professor Jen Overbeck on Thursday 20 July. In her session, The Art of Influencing in the Workplace, Professor Overbeck focused on influencing - in particular, the tactics we need to influence others in the workplace, and how our actions today affect our positions tomorrow.

Who can attend these events?

Events such as Alumni Evenings are designed for Melbourne Business School alumni who studied at the campus on 200 Leicester Street, Carlton.

FBE students (who studied on 198 Berkeley St), current MBS students, and non-MBS guests are welcome to join virtually.

Will there be more of these events?

Yes, Melbourne Business School will host 5 Alumni Evenings across 2023. Our fourth Alumni Evenings session will be hosted on Friday 8 September with faculty guest speaker, Professor Jill Klein.

In her insightful presentation, Professor Klein will explore the concept of psychological safety and demonstrate how embracing a growth mindset - as opposed to a fixed mindset - can enable us to tackle challenge associated with human fallibility, risk taking and identity protection.  

Registrations for Professor Klein's session are now open. Register here! 


Jennifer Overbeck

Jennifer Overbeck joined Melbourne Business School in 2014 as an Associate Professor of Management.

Jennifer Overbeck joined Melbourne Business School in 2014 as an Associate Professor of Management.

Jen’s research, which has been published in Psychological Science, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, and other distinguished journals, focuses on the effects of power and status on interpersonal and group dynamics, how hierarchies develop, how leaders can bolster their images, and how emotions and communication patterns affect negotiations.


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