Melbourne Business School Events Talking Business During Crisis: How MBS alumni are helping small businesses survive

Talking Business During Crisis: How MBS alumni are helping small businesses survive

Thursday, 09 July 2020
12.30 PM - 1.30 PM
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When COVID-19 restrictions came into force, a team of MBS alumni put a call out on LinkedIn offering free coaching for small businesses impacted by the pandemic. The response was overwhelming. Very quickly the volunteer team grew in size to 30+ and started addressing the concerns of dozens of small business owners as they were forced to make fast and significant decisions. You can read the full story here.

At the helm of the initiative are Lauren Morrey, Lead Customer Success Strategist at Culture Amp, and a graduate of the Class of 2018, and her partner, Tom Humphries (entrepreneur and consultant, MBA 2017).

We are delighted that Lauren and Tom will join Associate Professor Kwanghui Lim in our next Talking Business During Crisis webinar to discuss what inspired them to offer assistance, and what has challenged and surprised them along the way. With government support, such as the JobKeeper Payment scheme, set to cease in late September, we will ask Lauren and Tom what new challenges they expect small businesses to face.

Lauren and Tom will also share how the volunteer team formed and quickly established itself so their diverse skills and experiences were aligned with the needs of their clients.

Join Lauren, Tom, Kwanghui and host, Aviva Berzon, to delve into this inspirational project.


Our Experts

Lauren Morrey


Lauren has extensive experience working in the Innovation Labs of two of Australia’s largest banks and over a decade of working in large corporates. She is immensely skilled at navigating complex organisations to deliver new innovations, adopt new technologies and ways of thinking. Lauren’s background includes a diverse portfolio of business, operation, digital and innovation roles within the Australian banking and finance industry and is now Lead Customer Success Strategist at Australia's latest tech unicorn Culture Amp.

Tom Humphries


Tom has worked across a number of early-stage companies and startups as both a co-founder and consultant, addressing problems in sectors such as FinTech, AI and Healthcare. Prior to working in early stage companies, Tom had an extensive career in government, including advising the Tasmanian premier.


Kwanghui Lim joined Melbourne Business School in 2006 as a Senior Lecturer and became an Associate Professor of Strategic Management in 2010. Kwanghui completed his PhD in the management of technological innovation and entrepreneurship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He then worked as an Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore Business School.

Aviva Berzon



Aviva consults to a wide range of organisations on leadership and transformational change, helping build leadership capability in individuals and group. With a Masters in Organisation Dynamics, Aviva is particularly interested in affecting change through working at the group and system level.