Thought Leadership Series

The Melbourne Business School community spans almost 100 cities globally, and our Thought Leadership Series connects this community with faculty, global business leaders and each other. At each event, Melbourne Business School faculty and guests will provide insights into how the best thinkers are meeting the leadership challenges of today.

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Upcoming events

Auckland – Friday 15 September
Leadership and uncertainty

MBS Breakfast Series


Speaker: Vivek Chaudhri (Academic Director Executive MBA programs)
Topic: Leading through Uncertainty

Vivek explores the principles that leaders can use to navigate the scale and rate of change organisations are dealing with today.
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Singapore – Wednesday 20 September
Job titles are out. Skill sets are in.

Dean's Leaders Forum


Speaker: Olivier Legrand (Managing Director of LinkedIn Asia Pacific and Japan)
Topic:Talent needs in the digital era

Olivier will talk leadership, marketing and business in the Asia Pacific region.
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Melbourne – Tuesday 3 October
Evolution of Australian telco

MBS Breakfast Series

Speaker: Warwick Bray (CFO Telstra)
Topic: How the Australian telco sector is evolving

In conversation with Principal Fellow Sam Wylie, MBS alumnus Warwick gives his perspectives on telco sector evolution.
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London – Friday 6 October
Ritson on brand strategy

Faculty Masterclass


Speaker: Mark Ritson (Adjunct Professor)
Topic: The Big Brand Challenges for 2018

Mark delivers an unhinged review on brand strategy developments and suggests seven major challenges to negotiate for success.
This event is for alumni only, who can book at My.MBS.
Canberra – Tuesday 10 October

MBS Breakfast Series

Speaker: Geoff Martin (Associate Professor)
Topic: Refining strategy

Geoff discusses how to develop customer and stakeholder centricity, anticipate disruption and build political capital through refining strategy.
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Brisbane – Wednesday 11 October
It’s a long way to the top

Faculty Masterclass

Speaker: Jen Overbeck (Associate Professor)
Topic: Using power and influence effectively as your career progresses

Jen addresses the challenges inherent in having and using power, particularly for those rising (or aspiring) to very senior positions.
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Perth – Tuesday 17 October
Sydney – Thursday 19 October
Trump, Brexit and populism

Faculty Masterclass

Speaker: Andrew John (Associate Dean of Faculty)
Topic: Trump, Brexit and the rise of populism

Andrew draws on his expertise in economics and ethics to delve into Trump, Brexit and populism. He is sure to provoke much audience discussion.
This event is for alumni only, who can book at My.MBS.