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Through original research, we unleash ideas to shape a sustainable future.

Innovation is the result of experimentation and the generation of new ideas. 

Innovation is the result of experimentation and the generation of new ideas. 

Over six decades, our faculty have been at the forefront of research. As economic, social and environmental issues converge, business leaders face increasingly complex problems.

Data driven multi-disciplinary research provides solutions to such challenges. Our faculty are active researchers in business disciplines, and their work is frequently published in leading international academic journals. This expertise is translated into both the classroom and boardroom to provide insights into novel solutions to organisational challenges.

Our Faculty

The calibre of our faculty and research culture makes us Australia’s leading business school.

The calibre of our faculty and research culture makes us Australia’s leading business school.

Our faculty come from 19 countries across the globe and are regularly sought by media and industry bodies for expert commentary. Their service to the business and academic community includes board directorships and editorships of prestigious international journals.

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Research Strengths

While our faculty possess expertise across all MBA disciplines, we have particular strength in the following areas.

Analytics Operations icon

Analytics and Operations

Understanding the data behind decisions and optimising efficiency in the production of goods and services

Financial Markets icon

Financial Markets and Economics

Analysis of the external financial environment and monetary policy and its impact on the organisation

Organisational Behaviour icon

Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management

Managing and motivating people, the firm’s greatest competitive asset

Strategy and Marketing icon

Strategy and Marketing

Connecting the organisation’s purpose and values to firm strategy and customers

PhD Supervision

Our mission is to equip leaders with the knowledge and tools for a sustainable future.

Our mission is to equip leaders with the knowledge and tools for a sustainable future.

This includes harnessing the ingenuity of the next generation of academics. Our faculty commit to this by supervising PhD students. An intensive process lasting several years, faculty will mentor students and closely work with them as they push the boundaries of current knowledge.

We supervise doctoral research in the areas of business administration and analytics. To find a faculty member at MBS who may be available to provide suitable supervision, consult the list of academic faculty. To find out more information about this program, including details on how to apply, refer to the University of Melbourne course guide.

PhD Students

Dr. Muralee Das
PhD (Business Administration),

With a background in senior executive roles in international sports management, Muralee’s PhD thesis focused on leadership and firms’ processes that deliver blended value and the leadership of social entrepreneurs.

Nazanin Profile Image

Dr. Nazanin Babolmorad
PhD (Business Administration),

Nazanin completed her PhD in Finance. Her research lies at the intersection between finance and computer science, with a focus on extracting information from textual data for financial markets.

Dr. Ruben Loaiza-Maya
PhD (Business Administration),

Ruben completed his PhD in statistics and econometrics. His research focuses on developing models and estimation methods that can be applicable to large data sets with multiple and highly dependent variables.

Recently Published


Crossing the streams of plural governance research: Simultaneously considering franchising, dual distribution and concurrent sourcing
Sarah B. Sorensen, Glenn Hoetker, Michael J. Leiblein and Thomas Mellewigt - Journal of Management, August 2022

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A Comparative Empirical Study of Discrete Choice Models in Retail Operations
Gerardo Berbeglia, Agustin Garassino, and Gustavo Vulcano - Management Science, June 2022

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A meta-analysis of cross-country context effects on the link between green product strategy and financial performance
Jisun Kim, Hyun-Soo Woo, Rachel Balven and Glenn Hoetker - Journal of Strategy and Management, April 2022

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How the Linguistic Styles of Donald Trump and Joe Biden Reflect Different Forms of Power
Robert Körner, Jennifer R. Overbeck, Erik Körner, and Astrid Schütz - Journal of Language and Social Psychology, April 2022

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The Effects of Information Nudges on Consumer Usage of Digital Services under Three-Part Tariff Pricing
P Xiao, Y Chen, A Bharadwaj, W Bao - Journal of Management Information Systems, April 2022

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Feeling included and excluded in organizations: The role of human and social capital
Isabel Metz, Christina L. Stamper, Eddy Ng - Journal of Business Research, March 2022

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Identification of Dynamic Games with Unobserved Heterogeneity and Multiple Equilibria
P Xiao - Journal of Econometrics, February 2022

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