A catalyst for the future of learning & work.

Who We Are

We are an innovation hub for the future of learning and work.

We are an innovation hub for the future of learning and work.

We are a catalyst for trailblazers to solve the biggest learning problems and to launch innovations that redefine how curious learners and organisations grow.

This new initiative by Melbourne Business School brings together a diverse ecosystem of learning pioneers from inside and outside the institution, providing them with the tools to solve major problems facing the future of learning.

We are always looking for the opportunity to partner with people on projects of impact for the future of learning and work.

Taking action to solve big learning problems

We solve 3+ year future problems that learners and organisations need to be addressed as the education sector changes.

  • Lifelong learning and growth
  • Learning assessment, recognition and accreditation
  • In-context and personalised learning experience
  • Alternative learning and development funding
  • Diverse experience and new roles to drive learning
  • Inclusive and equitable learning and development

What We Do

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Global ecosystem of learning pioneers

We bring together the unorthodox and trailblazing people from inside and outside of the School, with deep expertise in the future of learning.
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We identify, incubate and launch new initiatives

From idea to execution, we develop new ventures and propositions that create new business models, offerings, and services in the future of learning and work from Australia’s best business school.
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Innovation framework that drives commercialisation

We’ve developed a rapid innovation methodology for education, geared to viable ventures with community and expert insights at every step.

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Dedicated Innovation Team

Ellen Sullivan

Director, MBS&

Peter Komsta

Head of Venture Partnerships

Teagan Donnelly

Head of Innovation

Alexander Horton

Community Manager