Strategic Brand Leadership

Get the edge on your competition by maximising your brand’s value. We’ll empower you with a strengthened understanding of strategic marketing and the real-world skills needed to build, grow and revitalise your brand. You’ll not only improve your brand’s competitive advantage but also see it through to its iconic identity.


“Very practical with relevant take away items that you can apply in the real world.  I found it very engaging and beneficial.”

Strategic Brand Leadership participant
Perth, Australia


  • Professionals responsible for marketing or aligning brand activities with business strategy
  • Those seeking a better understanding of how brand management will benefit their organisation.


  • Analyse a brand problem and generate appropriate solutions
  • Build leading brands and successfully position them in the market
  • Manage brands over time, including extending and revitalising them
  • Develop and modify brand strategies
  • Respond to the strategic moves of competitor brands
  • Explain why some products and brands are successful and others not
  • Understand how brand equity can be measured
  • Better understand the link between brand costs and financial returns
  • Provide high-level brand advice to senior managers and boards.


On-campus participation

The following key themes are explored:

  • Brand structure
  • Measuring brand equity
  • Building brand equity
  • Managing brands over time
  • Differentiating brands
  • Launching brands
  • Positioning brands.


  • 1500-word exercise, due four weeks after the on-campus participation (worth 60%)
  • 1000-word case study, due two weeks after the on-campus participation (worth 40%) 


Professor Bryan Lukas

Bryan Lukas is Professor of Marketing at Lancaster University (UK) and an Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne. He is a leading marketing and brand expert. Bryan carries out consulting and executive education assignments in Asia, Australia and Europe. He also has provided expert evidence and made statutory declarations in a number of legal matters and trademark applications. Bryan is accredited as a Certified Practicing Marketer (CPM) by the Australian Marketing Institute, of which he is also an Associate Fellow (AFAMI).


7 – 8 August 2017