Stakeholders and Internal Influence

Gain the support you need to accomplish your goals. This practical, evidence-based learning experience is designed to develop your ability to drive influence, build rapport and trust, negotiate for mutual gain and know when to use official channels.

By participating in a series of simulations and discussions, you’ll identify areas of self-improvement and form a clear plan of how to persuade a diverse range of stakeholders in the future.

You will build a tool kit to improve your understanding of the dynamics behind negotiations and learn how to navigate them to great effect. By examining the way you communicate and manage conflict, and the issues your style could cause, you will ensure workplace discussions and outcomes are always positive.

The program consists of two full-day, facilitated modules, separated by a four-week intervention period at your workplace, providing the opportunity to reflect, refine and apply your new knowledge and skills.

“This is a very practical subject allowing participants to apply in their own environment and tackle individual areas for improvement - not just general theory.”

Stakeholders and Internal Influence participant

Melbourne, Victoria


Middle-to-senior managers, involved in merger and acquisitions, human resources, purchasing, sales and marketing, entrepreneurial activities or not-for profit organisations.


  • Understand the conflict and communication styles of yourself and others
  • Demonstrate adaptive communication skills
  • Understand how to effectively approach diverse workplace scenarios
  • Apply stakeholder mapping to a team, department, organisation and/or industry
  • Understand how to measure the communication effectiveness of your team, organisation and yourself 


This subject is delivered in a unique format that involves two (2) on-campus participation days separated by a four-week workplace implementation. This subject will provide a clear action plan for influencing a diverse range of stakeholders. You will engage in a series of simulations and discussions and use robust instruments to gain actionable insights.


Pre-readings, a ‘challenging scenario at work’ personal case study, and an interview with your supervisor in the two weeks before the on-campus participation.

On-campus participation

The following key themes are explored:

  • Your conflict and communication style, and its influence
  • Building relationships and connection
  • Effective conversations and providing support/coaching to team members
  • Understanding your team members, your colleagues, and your organisation.

The four-week workplace implementation involves:

  • Additional readings and self-assessment
  • Applying your new knowledge and skills to your personal case study
  • Writing a reflective journal
  • Connecting with your ‘accountability partner’.


  • A supervisor interview, due before the on-campus participation (worth 10%)
  • A 500-word personal case study and corresponding write-up, due before the on-campus participation (worth 10%)
  • A 45-minute, conflict-and-communication-style assessment during the on-campus participation (hurdle requirement)
  • Effective participation and engagement in a 60-minute, recorded communication and influence activity during the on-campus participation (worth 20%)
  • A 1500-word reflective paper on your workplace intervention and classroom material, due after the on-campus participation (worth 60%) 


John brings more than 20 years of international executive education experience to the program. His outstanding understanding of educational methodologies and approaches allows him to design and deliver innovative programs, specialising in management.

As a partner in Negotiation Education Australia, John provides negotiation programs to such clients as Bunnings and Honda and has delivered decision-making programs for NAB and Racing Victoria. He has also provided similar programs to not-for-profit organisations, including Vision Australia and Baptcare.

John has worked in executive education extensively in Australia, Europe, the USA and Asia Pacific, where he has designed and directed best practice, enterprise bargaining and negotiation programs for Fresenius Kabi, AXA Asia Pacific, ASX, AMP and many other companies. He is an expert in facilitating programs in different cultural contexts.


27 April & 17 May 2017
12 October & 8 November 2017