Resilient Leadership

Research shows that resilience—the ability to function well in the face of adversity—is key for success and satisfaction in life. This program will equip you with the ability to enter difficult situations with a challenge mindset, conduct effective, healthy appraisals of adverse events, avoid negative attributions and blame, and provide support during tough times.

As a resilient, inspiring leader, you will handle adversity with greater skill, reduce stress across your organisation and unite your team.

“There were some great insights into how you can increase your resilience both in a professional and personal way. The course is backed by practical and very useful examples and explanation. Jill Klein is an excellent presenter.”

Nick Moses

Senior Product Manager | Bayer CropScience
Melbourne, Victoria


  • Managers and executives, from middle managers to CEOs, who are responsible for leading others
  • Leaders who are required to guide their organisation through difficult circumstances 


  • Understand crucial factors in resilience
  • Face challenges with strength and grace
  • Recognise and mitigate the effects of stress
  • Grow in the face of adversity
  • Respond appropriately and constructively to difficult events
  • Model resilient behaviours in leadership
  • Adopt a ‘learning’ mindset 



You are encouraged to identify a past major setback and current difficult challenge to explore with others during the program.

On-campus participation

The following key themes are explored:

  • Understand resilience
  • Appraising events
  • Mindsets
  • Coping with adversity
  • Resilient leadership.

Post on-campus participation

  • Supplementary readings to consolidate learnings and ensure effective knowledge transfer in the workplace
  • Resilience Journey worksheet to apply to new adverse events provides additional support back at work


  • A 250-word reflective diary, due at the end of the on-campus participation (worth 10%).
  • A 2000-word essay, due four weeks after the on-campus participation (worth 80%)
  • A 250-word executive summary, due four weeks after the on-campus participation (worth 10%) 


Professor Jill Klein

Jill has delivered executive education programs for more than 15 years. Drawing on her family’s experiences during the Holocaust, Jill’s insights and teachings on resilience have inspired business leaders from around the world.

She has worked with large international organisations, including Ericsson, AstraZeneca, Toshiba, Syngenta and Adidas. Her research interests are gift-giving and sharing in impoverished contexts, consumer boycotts, and corporate social responsibility.

Read Jill’s full profile.


25 – 26 July 2017