Project Management Fundamentals

Strengthen your ability to oversee assignments through our Project Management Fundamentals program.

Together, we examine the key principles of project management and how they help to ensure projects are completed within their expected time, budget and scope. Ideal for those without formal training in supervising tasks, this program also provides a combination of tools, techniques and people-related examples to help you do so, effectively. 



  • Managers involved with managing projects of various type, complexity and size from a range of different industry sectors
  • Managers providing services of various types (e.g., HR, finance, IT, purchasing) to those that manage projects
  • Managers from other functional areas that plan to embark on a career in project management


  • Learn about the different project types and classes and how they affect managing projects
  • Make improved project selection decisions
  • Use practical tools and techniques for planning and executing projects (e.g., work breakdown structure, network diagram, Gantt chart)
  • Understand human resource and people-related issues
  • Interactive and experiential workshop delivered by an expert grounded in practical workplace application to increase your effectiveness in managing projects
  • Case studies are highly practical as they are based upon real examples from industry
  • Peer learning groups facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration to ensure participants have a powerful and meaningful experience that drives results. 



A study guide with readings and cases is provided.

On-campus participation

The following key themes are explored:

  • Project types and classes and how they affect managing projects
  • Making project selection decisions
  • Using practical tools and techniques for planning and executing projects
  • Monitoring the progress of projects
  • Closing projects
  • Appropriate project management software
  • Human resource and people-related issues. 


Professor Prakash J. Singh

Prakash is Professor of Operations Management and Head of Department of Management and Marketing at the University of Melbourne. He is a professional engineer and has extensive personal experience of managing projects over many years. He has also advised many organizations on various aspects of planning and delivering projects of various types, size and complexity. He has considerable experience in teaching project management and related courses to executives and managers from a range of industry sectors.


20 – 21 November 2017