Managing Innovation

Identify opportunities to create value for you and your organisation through innovation. Combining theory with real-world practices, we give you an understanding of innovation’s role in business, how to implement it, and manage any obstacles along the way. You’ll also learn the importance of linking innovation to business strategy, sourcing inventive ideas and the design processes that can bring them into commercial reality.

“This subject has given us valuable tools and frameworks to strengthen and grow our initiatives. We are better able to evaluate and manage innovative concepts.”

Mario Gomes

Business Development & Marketing Manager | Holyoake
Perth, Australia


Professionals involved with managing innovation for their organisation or team


  • Recognise how innovation could benefit your team and the wider organisation
  • Identify organisational and individual innovation capabilities and barriers
  • Understand how to integrate customers and new technologies into product development processes
  • Apply selected best practices in innovation to your organisation
  • Identify the barriers to successful commercialisation and identify strategies for overcoming them
  • Understand the role of networks and collaboration in the successful commercialisation of innovation



A study guide with readings and cases is provided.

On-campus participation

The following key themes are explored:

  • The critical elements of designing and developing innovative products and services
  • How to configure these elements and manage the results
  • Product/service development design process and improvement
  • Understanding and integrating customer needs
  • Strategy development and project management
  • Designing and managing development networks. 


  • A 2500-word assignment, due four weeks after the on-campus participation (100%). 


Danny Samson

Danny Samson is Professor of Management at The University of Melbourne and specialises in issues to do with operations and supply chain strategy and effectiveness. He has worked extensively in operations and supply chain management as a researcher, consultant, board member, author, executive educator and contributor to government inquiries. He has written three books that are relevant to this program. He regularly provides industry and executive seminars and has participated in a number of committees and industry bodies, including appointment as a member of the Australian Manufacturing Council and the Commonwealth Government Industry Task Force on Leadership and Management (Karpin Committee).

Colin McLeod

Colin McLeod is an Associate Professor in the Department of Management & Marketing. He has worked in many roles, including Research & Innovation and Marketing, Communications and Public Affairs with the AFL, Marketing and Brand Management with Goldman Sachs JBWere and was Group Marketing Manager for Telstra Mobile.


18 – 19 October 2017