Influence and Negotiation Strategies

Negotiation is the art and science of reaching an agreement between two or more interdependent parties who each seek to maximise their outcomes. To be a successful negotiator, you need insights into the factors, emotions and thoughts that influence people.

This subject is designed to be relevant to the broad spectrum of negotiation problems faced by senior leaders, managers and consultants. It is highly-practical and will help you understand the practice, theory and processes of decision-making and negotiation. The use of simulated negotiations will build your confidence to negotiate successfully in a variety of settings.

“The practical exercises were great in enabling us to practice using the new negotiation tools that we'd acquired in a safe 'test environment'. I will feel more confident going into future negotiations at work now that I have attended this subject.”

Influence and Negotiation Strategic participant

Melbourne, Australia


Middle-to-senior managers, involved in merger and acquisitions, human resources, entrepreneurial activities, purchasing, sales and marketing or not-for profit organisations.


  • Understand the practice, theory and processes of decision-making and negotiation
  • Gain confidence to successfully negotiate in a variety of settings 


On-campus participation

The following key themes are explored:
  • Judgement and decision-making
  • Essential elements of building a successful negotiation strategy
  • Planning and implementing integrative negotiations
  • Managing a negotiation team
  • Advanced negotiation techniques for dispute resolution.


  • A 2500-word essay, due four weeks after the on-campus participation (100%) 


Associate Professor Adam Barksy

Adam is an Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne in the Department of Management and Marketing. He has held visiting positions at New York University and Universtia de Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. His research focuses on ethical and risky decision-making, organisational justice, and emotions in the workplace.

Associate Professor Michael Zyphur

Michael is an Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne in the Department of Management and Marketing. His research focuses on statistics and probability, and he maintains an interest in various critical and postmodern forms of philosophy and organisational scholarship.

He has delivered over 50 conference presentations worldwide and has published over 30 articles in top management and psychology journals, including Academy of Management Review, Journal of Applied Psychology, Psychological Methods and The Economist. The Academy of Management's Research Methods Division awarded him the 2012 Early Career award for his contributions to quantitative research methods.


19-20 September 2017