Decision Making for Leaders

As a leader in today’s dynamic business environment, you depend on your ability to manage complexity. But with information technology providing so much data, answers to organisational problems are often obscured rather than highlighted, when, in the face of change, sound judgement is critical.

This subject gives you the skills to deliver outstanding long-term results for your organisation. You will focus on the descriptive and prescriptive aspects of decision-making to empower you to make sound decisions, leverage your strengths and achieve sustainable results from the decision-making process.

You will gain a framework and the reasoning skills to assess the quality of your decisions and the process used to reach them. You will understand that, in some cases, a good decision might not equate to good outcomes. And you will develop methods, tools and techniques to help you lead your business through strategic decisions—and their possible outcomes—now and into the future.


  • Senior decision-makers with at least 10 years of leadership experience
  • High-level executives, looking to develop strategic decision-making ability 


  • Implement a structured decision-making process
  • Identify good decisions in the face of uncertainty
  • Define, measure and manage risk
  • Enhance strategic competence
  • Communicate decisions and justify your approach
  • Develop insights into the complexities and challenges of decision-making
  • Lead your team through effective decision-making
  • Understand how cognitive biases affect decision-making
  • Know when to trust your intuition 



A study guide with readings and cases is provided.

On-campus participation

The following key themes are explored:

  • Self-development
  • Decision-making in practice
  • Deciding for your organisation.
  • Download brochure for detailed program information.


  • A 250-word reflective diary, due at the end of the on-campus participation (worth 10%)
  • A 2000-word written assignment, due four weeks after the on-campus participation (worth 80%)
  • A 250-word executive summary, submitted with the written assignment (worth 10%) 


Professor Jill Klein

Jill has delivered executive education programs for more than 15 years. Drawing on her family’s experiences during the Holocaust, Jill’s insights and teachings on resilience have inspired business leaders from around the world.

She has worked with large international organisations, including Ericsson, AstraZeneca, Toshiba, Syngenta and Adidas. Her research interests are resilience, managerial judgement and corporate social responsibility.

Read Jill’s full profile.


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