Leading for Strategic Success

Leading for Strategic Success is our most senior leadership program. It refreshes and challenges senior executives, creating impactful and fulfilled leaders who can envision and enact a preferred future. Strategic success requires leading across organisational boundaries to achieve outcomes for the whole organisation, rather than simply your function or area of responsibility.

You will confront and challenge your conventional leadership views and move beyond solving technical problems to operating efficiently in an environment of complex, adaptive challenges.

The program enables you to build collaborative capability and the internal capacity to deal with complexity. By becoming more agile in your thinking, you will achieve high-impact, transformative strategic outcomes to ensure your organisation thrives in an increasingly turbulent environment.

Moving from my technical space to a general management role in the last 18 months has presented a number of new challenges. Leading for Strategic Success helped me to understand my positive attributes but equally challenged me in areas where I need to keep working."

Mark Burke General Manager | Melbourne Water | Melbourne, Australia

Who should attend?

  • General managers and senior managers with at least seven-years’ leadership experience
  • Senior managers with significant and complex leadership responsibilities from organisations of any size

Key benefits

  • Better understand the distinction between leadership and management, and how both are required for strategic success
  • Learn the futures approach to explore preferred strategic visions and craft transformative strategy
  • Uncover and articulate what motivates you as a leader and how your experiences shape your approach to leadership and relationship to authority
  • Understand how your personal leadership can influence organisational culture, team performance, and strategic success
  • Influence more effectively through a deeper understanding of where leadership, strategy and change intersect.

Program journey

Your program journey is designed to ensure you emerge with new skills and behaviours, aligned to your learning goals.
Workshop preparation
  • The Leadership Circle, 360-degree, feedback survey
  • Reflection on what you have learnt about strategic success to bring with you to the workshop
  • Access to workshop materials and networking through our online-learning platform


The following key themes are explored:

  • Leadership and management
  • Futures: How we think now and into the future
  • Personal leadership
  • Leading teams and culture
  • Leadership challenges
  • Personal goal-setting.


  • One-on-one coaching session and experience
  • Continued access to workshop materials, facilitators, thought leadership and networking through our online-learning platform
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Matt Williams
Program Director | Leading for Strategic Success

Matt joined Melbourne Business School in 2008 after returning to Australia from the United Kingdom. His approach to change leadership centres on process-driven methods; working with groups in the ‘here-and-now’ to better understand the dynamics of organisations, and encouraging leaders to be more agile and innovative in their practice. This approach creates space for people to better understand their responses to one another and recognise different perspectives to help them make sense of organisational life in an increasingly turbulent environment. Read Matt’s full profile.

Dates and fees

Dates Duration Location Fees Availability Enrol
29 Aug - 2 Sep 2016 5 days residential Mt Eliza Campus A$11,000 Open Apply Now
24 - 28 Oct 2016 5 days residential Mt Eliza Campus A$11,000 Open Apply Now
28 Nov - 2 Dec 2016 5 days residential Mt Eliza Campus A$11,000 Open Apply Now

In this residential program, participants stay on campus and engage in workshop activities after hours. The program fee covers tuition, meals and accommodation.