PwC case study

Since 2009, PwC has partnered with Melbourne Business School-Mt Eliza Executive Education to co-create the C-Suite Ascent Program.

Ming Long of Investa describes her experience at Mt Eliza business school Ascent program

“Ascent challenges your personal capabilities and provides you with an opportunity to work with and learn from incredibly talented senior executives from a myriad of diverse businesses.”

Ming Long
Group Chief Financial Officer | Investa Property Group

The challenge

MBS and PwC sought to operationalise the leadership differentiators that set individuals and organisations up for success  by creating a unique personal development program for emerging C-suite executives from large organisations who aim to become outstanding future business leaders.

The program

The Ascent Program is designed to challenge the mindsets that traditionally characterise those who have specialised and excelled in their technical careers. It introduces new mindsets that are critical to the broader roles executives play as they become business partners to the CEO, leadership team and their wider organisations:

  • The leadership mindset
  • The relational mindset
  • The business mindset

When combined, these mindsets provide a strong leadership foundation for participants to operate from in an ever-changing, disruptive and digital environment.

The impact

In addition to equipping participants with critical leadership, relational and business skills, a key success of the program has been the lasting networks built between participants.

MBS skilled facilitators create an environment that encourages networking, shared learning and group discussion and debate.

Participants finish the program with a deeper understanding of who they are as individuals—how they behave and react—and the skills they need to make any necessary changes. They also build a peer network spanning Australia’s top companies, providing access to a depth of knowledge, experience and peer support.