Origin Energy case study

Since 2010, Origin Energy has partnered with Melbourne Business School-Mt Eliza Executive Education to co-create the Evolve@Origin, Managing@Origin and Leading@Origin Programs.

"This is the first program which has helped me truly understand what is holding me back. It has been pivotal in changing my approach to Origin and management."

Evolve@Origin Program Participant

The challenge

Historically, Origin’s focus has been on technical excellence. In recent years, the organisation’s operating environment has become increasingly complex, and as a result, Origin’s leaders have needed more sophisticated leadership and management skills.

In recognition of the importance of complementing technical excellence with a strong leadership pipeline, Origin sought to create a number of ‘uniquely Origin’ non-technical programs, with a particular focus on entry-level managers (Evolve@Origin Program) and middle managers (Managing@Origin Program).

The program

It is essential to Origin that their programs reflect the values, principles and language of their organisation. The Origin Compass has guided every stage, from design and development through to delivery and measurement of impact.

This goes far beyond paying lip service, or treating the Compass as an ‘add on’.  It is deeply embedded into the programs.

As an example, the Origin Compass includes 5 principles that guide decision-making across the organisation.  Therefore, sessions on decision-making in the programs focus on equipping participants with an understanding of how to effectively apply those principles to real-life challenges they face in the workplace.

The impact

Due to the success of these programs, Origin has elected to continue delivering Managing@Origin into 2014 and beyond; and will be reinstating Evolve@Origin in 2014 after a brief hiatus.

Both programs are action-learning driven. Participants are supported by the program to solve real workplace issues and seize opportunities. This has meant the programs have had tangible and immediate benefits for Origin as an organisation.

Participant feedback affirms that the programs are a challenging and rewarding experience, which provides real skills and insights for workplace success. Furthermore, quantitative scores (which average >6 out of 7 on nearly every variable) have steadily risen over time, testament that we strive for continuous improvement and realignment of the programs to Origin’s changing needs.