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Students studying an MBA at Melbourne Business School are provided access to comprehensive career resources delivered by a dedicated team of specialists who have extensive experience in career management and industry, at both local and international levels. We invite all MBA students to engage with the Career Management Team to assist you on the journey to attain your individual career aspirations.

Securing employment at any level is much more than reviewing advertisements, submitting a resumé and attending an interview. Today’s MBA job market is more complex and dynamic and requires a strategic approach.

Our career management approach works because it is both practical and tailored to your specific MBA program and individual needs, encompassing a range of online resources, interactive career workshops and some one on one coaching.

Personal Effectiveness Program

The Personal Effectiveness Program is unique to Melbourne Business School’s full-time MBA Program.  It enables you not only to be truly ‘job ready’ post-graduation, but empowers you to manage your career as you pursue your longer term leadership goals. Working with you even before you arrive, we devise a customised program that runs throughout the year.
You will have the opportunity to work with consultants, faculty and external coaches to master techniques across the three core components of personal engagement, career development and leadership. We also bring in specialists in key skills development areas to run specific programs or to work with individuals on a particular area of interest or need.

Personal Effectiveness Program Overview, Melbourne Business School

Career Success Program

Melbourne Business School students at all levels have access to the following 12-point Career Success Program to support your career transition. 
Career Success Program, Melbourne Business School