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Career Management Centre: How do we help?

Whether students are studying full or part-time, the Melbourne Business School Career Management Centre delivers a service that is suited to each cohort’s needs.

Director John Gurskey says the centre provides a full suite of services, including workshops, online resources and personal coaching, to help MBA students take the next step in their careers.

The relationship MBS has with the corporate world is an invaluable asset for helping students secure their post-MBA roles, as is the School’s influential alumni network.

The career services for students are tailored to suit the timeframe of study and the circumstances of each cohort.

“For our full-time students, we have a lot less time to garner our relationships, less than a year, which naturally requires a more intensive approach to prepare them to compete in the global and local MBA job market,” John explained.

The full-time students have quit their jobs. Many of them have moved to Australia, many don't have permanent residence or any legal rights to work in Australia after they complete their MBA, so we have an additional responsibility to help them find employment before they graduate.”

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John said big companies, including Microsoft, Intel or McKinsey, also see the School’s part-time students as a pool of talent to tap into.

“Recruiters see a huge amount of value in someone who can work successfully full time, manage home life or their family life and go to school,” John said.

All students need to demonstrate that they have transferable skills that immediately add value to an organisation, but it is especially vital for students who are changing careers, he said.

“It is crucial they draw examples from their MBA, work experience and volunteer experience to demonstrate knowledge and passion about the role and industry,” John said.

“And you must be willing to learn quickly.”

The Career Management Centre is acutely aware of the commitments of MBA students, especially the part-time cohort, and for this reason more online resources and workshops have been developed around job search vitals like networking and writing resumes and cover letters.

“Because part-time students are only be here for limited hours, due to their work and study schedules, we are conscious of not taking up more of their time,” John said.